LUSH Lust Perfume

jodie / 25th March 2015

If LUSH’s Lust were a girl, she wouldn’t be the one sitting at the bar, peeking shyly from beneath her Bambi lashes at the dude across the room; she’d be a fiery redhead who’d saunter up to the guy she’s been eyeballing, grab him by the chest hair and growl in his ear “you’re coming home with me”.  It’s a jasmine grenade. The…

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Handy Heroes: My Top 5 Hand Creams

jodie / 23rd September 2014

If, like me, your hands are always dry, regardless of season, you’ll appreciate these creams. They’re guaranteed to give you a “helping hand” when it comes to keeping things hydrated. I’ve picked my 5 favorite hand creams…


Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream | Review

jodie / 27th August 2014

I’m one of those people who can’t stop picking at, biting, and generally making a mess of their nails and cuticles. The skin around my fingers is like an old, freyed dishcloth, and I fucking love peeling my brittle nails. Why yes, I am aware that this is making me sound like a total minger. I can handle it (pun intended,…

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