Dinosaur of the Month | The Coelophysis

jodie / 10th October 2014

I began this blog with the intention of writing about 2 things that interest me: beauty and dinosaurs. “Er, what now?” I hear you mumble, brow raised and skeptical eye looking me up and down like I’ve just thrown up in my hands and clapped. “Beauty and dinosaurs” you continue, a droplet of tea meandering down your chin, “but why?…

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Dinosaurs, Fashion

Jurassic Jumper: Fat Face

jodie / 5th September 2014

Okay…this might be from the boys section. And by boys, I mean boys, not mens. But let’s be honest: it’s pretty damn cool, right? It’s got a dinosaur on it; of course it is. It’s snuggly without being too warm when the weather is unpredictable, and it goes rather nicely with a red skater skirt. It’s a size – sorry,…

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