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Brand Spotlight | FuturePrimitive


Welcome to Brand Spotlight! One of my latest beauty discoveries is FuturePrimitive. Here are my thoughts on the brand and its products.

I’m obsessed with my hair. This means I’ve tried countless shampoos, from the latest Boots has to offer in a gimmickey bottle at 25% off, to neem oil soap from the local hippy shop. (Note: the latter was awful, despite the packaging suggesting its use as a shampoo; I ended up with rat’s nest hair.)

But they all just seem kinda…samey. I’ve branched out from Boots’ most expensive stuff to salon brands, but they’re all basically the same scent-wise. I want something different, something beyond coconut or Argan oil. More exciting than pomegranate and rosemary scents. I want something that’s basically perfume for your hair (but also a shampoo, otherwise I’d just spritz my hair with Jo Malone).

Enter FuturePrimitive.

I discovered this brand on a subreddit for indie makeup and beauty. Being totally new to the indie beauty scene, I’d never heard of FuturePrimitve before – or the multitude of other fantastic-looking indie brands out there – so I was super excited at the prospect of trying out some cool new products.


About FuturePrimitive


Founded in 2006 by Tiggy Fiander who has a passion for old-fashioned remedies and skin care preparations. FuturePrimitive soaps, hair products, lotions and bathing preparations incorporate absolutes, essential oils, resinous materials and wood infusions to creature truly unique and evocative scents inspired by old English towns, cities and people as well as the rural surroundings in the Cotswolds. As well as selling online, FuturePrimitive has a small shop in Evesham, Worcestershire.

The thing I love most about FuturePrimitive is the wide variety of unique and beautiful scents they offer – Tiggy really is an olfactory genius. The scent catalogue is large, but there are only ever about 8-15 scents on offer at any given time as many of the scents are seasonal. Personally, I love this idea – it just adds to the uniqueness and makes you excited to see which scents will be released each season! There are also a few firm favourites which are nearly always available though.

Oh, and another thing: they’re cruelty-free – yay!

The Products

FuturePrimitive offers lots of lovely smelling goodies. They’re not just all about soaps, they make perfumes, hair conditioner, bathing preparations (which include bath bombs and salts – or “bubbling grains”) and scrubs, with more products being added along the way. I’ve ordered a handful of products over the past year, so here’s the lowdown so far:


Soaps – While I’ve only ordered one soap from FuturePrimitive, I’ve managed to sample a few because the company very generously includes a little sliver of soap with each delivery for you to try. So, I ordered Wild Fig – which is a delicious fresh springtime scent – but I’ve also tried Sylph, Mama Didn’t Listen, so I Told the Bees, and Pickpocket. (Did I mention the scents all have quirky names?)


The soaps are delicious and richly fragranced, plus they last ages. One of the problems I find with lots of soaps is that they quickly disintegrate when left on the side of the bath, but not these bad boys.


Whipped Soap – These are easily my favourite product. The whipped soaps look just like whipped cream in a little tub (see below). These can be used as a luxurious soap, a shampoo or a shaving cream, but my favourite use for them is definitely shampoo. You only need a small amount to produce a thick lather, and they are so unique-smelling for hair products, most of which (as I mentioned earlier) smell kinda samey.



Hair Rinse – This is my second favourite product from Future Primitive. It’s essentially a hair conditioner, but it’s not the thick, silicone-based kind. The formula is pretty thin, but it still leaves hair conditioned, soft and supple. With lots of fantastic ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera, this is a new bathroom staple. I own it in Sylph, Owlett’s End and Towanda.


My Favourite Scents

Sylph – a gorgeous, dreamy lavender scent with just the right amount of marshmallowy sweetness.


Milk of Mereen – a spicy, sensual blend of musk and blonde wood.


Towanda – green tomato leaf and moss sing in this dew-soaked spring scent.


Mama Didn’t Listen so I Told the Bees – I get honey and yellow wildflowers from this.


Blackcurrant Damson Frangipane – mouthwatering tart berries and sweet almond make a delicious combo here.



My Verdict on FuturePrimitive


I’d absolutely recommend trying FuturePrimitive. This UK-based indie brand is worth a try if you’re looking for something a bit different. The postage is quite steep and turnaround time can be a little long, but that’s to be expected from a small business, so bear that in mind when ordering – give at least 2 weeks for your items to arrive, and think about combining a couple of items per order and when they do it’ll be like Christmas.


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