Beauty Pie Review

Beauty Pie Review

You can subscribe to pretty much anything these days. Beauty products, pet food, music. It’s kind of genius from a marketing/sales perspective – how many of us have signed up to a gym and then completely forgotten (lol, “forgotten”) to go? I know I have. It’s guaranteed income for them every month, whether you use the service or not, so no wonder lots of brands are jumping on board or emerging. Anyway, here’s my Beauty Pie review and why I’m not so keen…

You’ve probably heard of this company, but if you haven’t I’ll sum it up for you: You pay a subscription fee every month which gives you access to “luxury makeup, skincare and accessories at members’ prices”. So you can essentially buy “high-end” cosmetics for up to 85% less than what they cost after they’ve been branded and marketed to us peasants AKA the general public. But you have to pay a subscription fee for that privilege – otherwise you can still buy the products at their usual higher prices (we’re talking £80+ for a moisturiser here…).

Beauty Pie Review: My Experience

The products are sold on the premise that they are “luxury items at factory prices”. Okay, cool concept, I like it so far. But as I check out the products expecting high-end formulas, I’m left feeling a little, er, dried out over the ingredients. I’m not seeing many potent moisturising ingredients like ceramides or squalane, nor am I seeing more powerful anti-ageing players like niacinamide or vitamin C. 

While Beauty Pie does offer some quite promising stand alone anti-ageing products (that do include vitamin C and retinol) I’m not sure how convinced I am that they’re worth the £50 and up price tags Beauty Pie claim they retail at. But hey, maybe the high-end products are not really that good? Who knows. And if Beauty Pie are selling them for a fraction of the alleged RRP, I’m more than willing to try them.

Anyway, I perused the site and decided on about £25 worth of products to order. However, once I started adding products to my basket, I realised where I’d gone wrong – and this is important! I was under the impression that the price limit included in your subscription related to the low price point, not the high one. So really, I could only order a small handful of products, more like £10’s worth.

Beauty Pie Mascara

This was…fine. That’s about all I have to say on this mascara. It was about on par with something from Collection 2000 or Rimmel. (Actually, scratch that, bad example, my Collecion 2000 mascara blows this out of the water, but you get where I’m coming from.)

Beauty Pie Lipstick

This was perhaps the more disappointing of the two products I picked. I saw lots of media hype about this lipstick supposedly being a dupe for a Charlotte Tilbury product (Pillow Talk I think?), so I was looking forward to trying a cheaper alternative.

Unfortunately I found the formula drying and the colour unflattering – indeed, something one might expect from a £3 lipstick, so I can’t be too annoyed. That being said, I have had much better products from the likes of MUA and Makeup Revolution, soooo….yeah. Not impressed. 

There’s no way I’d pay more than £5 for either of the above products, and I actually find it kind of laughable that BP claims they would be sold for any more than that. If I’d blind bought that lipstick for £20, I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry and would have sent it straight back.

My Verdict

While it seems like a bargain, Beauty Pie kind of…well, it is and it isn’t. The products are cheap, but the price kind of reflects the product quality (IMO), and unless you pay for a more expensive subscription, you can only buy one or two things per month. So basically if you want to get the most of out Beauty Pie you should probably spring for a full subscription, in which case you’re paying more per month, but then you feel like you have to use the service, so you get caught up in this cycle of paying to purchase things…doesn’t sound so “money saving” now does it?

It might be a little early for me to do a Beauty Pie review as I’ve only tried two products, but watch this space – I’ve ordered the foundation (which is supposed to be good) and will keep you updated.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Beauty Pie, so please share them below – if I’m missing out on some kickass products I’d sure like to know about it!