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The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Butter Review

The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Butter

I find makeup removers very hit or miss. They often irritate my sensitive skin and occasionally break me out (depending on how curmudgeonly my skin is being). The only makeup removers I find that consistently perform well are micellar waters, and even they aren’t 100% without fault (they often leave traces of foundation and NUXE’s micellar water left with with a constellation of whiteheads across my jawline). The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Butter is not like that.

The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Butter

I’ve dabbled in creamy cleansers (I had a brief and tempestuous affair with Liz Earle’s celebrated Cleanse and Polish) but have found them fiddly and time consuming to use. I saw some pretty good reviews of The Body Shop’s cleansers, so after finishing my Garnier micellar water, I decided to try one out – The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Butter.

The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Butter: Let’s review, shall we?

I’m pretty divided on the packaging. It looks nice and travels well, but something really grosses me out about dunking my fingers into the pot to rake out the product. I guess some may recommend using a dinky little spoon or spatula, but I’m not that refined – I’d rather just use my gross sausage fingers. I also never know where to start: do I just go straight for the middle like a greedy degenerate, or do I romance it a little and work inwards from the edges? Do circles even have edges? I’m pretty sure they don’t. I’m confused right now, so let’s talk about something else.

CONSISTENCY! Let’s talk consistency. The product itself really does live up to its name. It really is quite buttery. It actually reminds me a little of coconut oil in that it’s solid until you warm it up with your fingers (you know, when you’re gouging it out of the tin).

A little goes a long way. I apply a small amount* to my face, it turns sort of oily/buttery, rub it around a little, and all my makeup dissolves. It works on my Shiseido foundation which is a bastard to remove, and also on my mascara, leaving no traces behind once I’ve rubbed a wet flannel all over my face.

It’s worth mentioning you don’t even need to use a flannel because it’s water soluble. Just splash your face with some warm water and you’re good.

Perhaps best of all, it doesn’t irritate, not even just a little bit. It feels like nothing, even though it’s scented. What’s great is it also doesn’t break me out – in fact, my skin has looked its best since I started using this.

It also lasts. I bought a pot last June (that’s 8 months ago) and I’ve only just bought a new pot. That’s with 5-6 days a week use. Pretty impressive.

Overall Rating:

I’m going to give The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Butter a 10/10. That doesn’t happen often, but this is a product I can see myself staying loyal to. I couldn’t recommend this enough, and I will continue to buy it as long as it’s on the market (do you hear that Body Shop? Don’t you dare take my one true love away!).