LUSH Lust Perfume

If LUSH’s Lust were a girl, she wouldn’t be the one sitting at the bar, peeking shyly from beneath her Bambi lashes at the dude across the room; she’d be a fiery redhead who’d saunter up to the guy she’s been eyeballing, grab him by the chest hair and growl in his ear “you’re coming home with me”. 

It’s a jasmine grenade. The kind of powerful scent that, if you’re not careful, will wear you instead of the other way around, filling any room you enter and every nostril in it. It’s for this reason I bought the solid version rather than the atomiser, which, upon sniffing, was not unlike being hit in the face with a bouquet (not that I’d know what that feels like). No, the solid version is a little more subtle, and not to mention far more convenient: it’s small and packaged in a Vaseline-like tin (pro-tip: do NOT use it on your lips) which means it’s not going to clunk about in your bag like a perfume bottle, and won’t leak or break – which is a vast improvement upon the old, black, twist-up packaging LUSH used to use for their solid perfumes (RIP Imogen Rose, which remains congealed in its lid). 

I’m not that knowledgable on scents and the like, but LUSH says this contains jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla and some other stuff, but all I’m really smelling is raw, sexy jasmine. It lasts a good workday, so like, 8 hours or so. Pretty impressive. 

I’ll say one other thing: this scent will turn heads. Not necessarily in a good way – it’s a very polarising scent, as in you either love it or hate it. That means you’ll have a 50/50 chance of either being followed by legions of salivating men (or women), or repulse whoever is sitting in the neighbouring seat on the train to the point of evacuation (something I am absolutely okay with).

I’m giving LUSH Lust a 7/10. I like it, but not for every day. In fact, I’d say it’s a night time scent. It’s also very reasonably priced (for the solid version, anyway) at £6 for 12g.

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