Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream | Review

I’m one of those people who can’t stop picking at, biting, and generally making a mess of their nails and cuticles. The skin around my fingers is like an old, freyed dishcloth, and I fucking love peeling my brittle nails. Why yes, I am aware that this is making me sound like a total minger. I can handle it (pun intended, lol) because I’ve recently found the only hand cream that saves my mitts from total destruction: Lush’s Handy Gurugu cream.

Yeah, I know Lush gets a lot of stick for their skincare, which, to be honest, is essentially the poorly formulated concoctions of misguided “whole Earth” fanatics who preach the fallacy of “natural is better” when often it really isn’t…ahem…but some of it is actually very nice.

I’d stay well away from most of their facial skincare products because a lot of them contain unnecessary irritants purely for the “natural” factor (iris, lavender and lemon juice, to name but a few), however I have found their hand care is amazing, especially when used as an overnight treatment, and is the only hand cream which fixes my dry cuticles, hangnails, and brittleness. I’m a big fan of Handy Gurugu, but I also use Helping Hands, however that one is a bit greasier and not quite as rich (if that even makes sense).

Handy Gurugu smells lovely and earthy/fresh and the consistency is is very thick and rich, and a bit textured – like there’s little beads or grains of oil or something in there, but you can’t feel them once its’s all rubbed in. It can take a little while to absorb, but it does’t feel greasy, as such, just…moist. Lovely. It’s also quite a nice pale green colour.

The packaging, as always with Lush, is a bit meh. I always found Lush’s little black pots and paper wrapping very gimmicky, trying to recreate the feeling of a farmers market because Lush’s products are so fresh and natural and good for you! It’s pretty gross sticking your grubby hands into the little pots, not to mention impractical and fiddly (that comment applies heavily to their shower products and face scrubs, which often get ruined by water). 

After applying this a few times, my hands feel super soft, hydrated and nourished by the end of the day. An extra helping before bed time, and my hands are transformed by morning. I love it.

Consistency: Thick, rich, very hydrating and nourishing.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 5/5, feels lovely and actually quite calming on my hands.

Price: £7.95 for 100g tub

Overall Rating: 8/10. I think this is best used as an intense treatment rather than an everyday hand cream, not just because of how rich it is, but because the packaging is not very handbag friendly. I’ve had to buy one tub for at home and one for work, which is actually quite pricy. I would much prefer it in tube form because it’s more practical and hygeinic, but this is still a wonderful product and deserves the high rating.

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