I Bloody Love Autumn

Satisfyingly crisp.
Satisfyingly crisp.

This is one of my favourite times of the year: end-of-August-almost-Autumn. I get so excited when the temperature drops and there’s a bite in the air, the leaves looking a little fragile and I debate with myself whether or not it’s socially acceptable to wear gloves and scarves yet. 

I’m one of those people who loves Autumn/Winter fashion (cosy, cable knit jumpers; snuggly boots; coats and scarves…I could go on), and counts down the days ’til Christmas. I think about halloween costumes in July. I love the smell of bonfires, the crackle of dry leaves under my feet. Frost is my best friend.

One of my other fave things about this season is that makeup seems to stay in place so much better. The drop in temperature and lack of humidity means no more foundation sliding off your face and no more panda eyes from mascara that can’t stand the heat.

But. Yes, but: It also means that it’ll be Winter soon, and you know what that means, right? Dry skin. Chapped lips. Brittle hair. Boo 🙁

So I’m going to make the most of this lovely transitional period between Summer and Autumn, when it’s neither disgustingly hot, or uncomfortably cold, and experiment a bit with my makeup, so I know I can leave the house and it won’t have slithered off my face by noon. 

Wish me luck.