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Incase you’ve haven’t already heard about it (I hadn’t until about 2 weeks ago), Steamcream is a relatively new brand of skincare with an all-natural vibe. The concept is pretty interesting – their website tells us the following:

STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare. Freshly handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too.”

I’m not really sure exactly how fusing it together with steam manages to create this kind of formula, or why this particular formula is supposedly more hydrating than any other. It all sounds very pseudo-scientific to me. I do like the fact that it’s ethical and eco-friendly, not tested on animals, and that all the ingredients are traceable (and explained on their site, which is both useful and informative). I also love that the product comes in tins with loads of different designs which are discontinued after a while. This creates a great “collect ’em all” kind of mentality. Great marketing there. For all these reasons, I really want to like the product, but they don’t really matter in terms of its performance; so let’s get down to the product itself…

The Product

The website boasts ingredients such as oats, cocoa butter, almond oil, lavender essential oil and loads of other lovely natural goodies. Here’s my problem: natural doesn’t always mean good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about nature. Fucking love the outdoors, me. I’m all for ethical goods that aren’t tested on animals, and I like the idea of keeping things as simple as possible, but just because something is “all natural”, it doesn’t mean it’s going to do your skin any good.

Take lavender essential oil for example: it’s a known irritant to the skin, and can actually cause skin cell death. Sure, it smells nice and is derived from nature…but why would you include something that’s known to irritate in a skincare product for the face? It’s silly. 

Anyway, the performance: The moisturiser is lovely and quite silky feeling when you first touch it, with a delicate, earthy, lavender scent. Some reviews have said it’s gross, but I rather like it. Reminds me of fresh air or something. When rubbed into the skin, it turns kinda watery and a bit weird. I’m not sure how I feel about that because it doesn’t feel rich enough to be moisturising, but leaves a film on the face. It’s all very confusing for me. 

Because it leaves a film, this might lead you to believe it’s bad under makeup, but this isn’t entirely the case. I’ve found that after leaving it a minute or two, or applying primer over the top, it’s mostly okay. Not the best, but not awful.

It didn’t irritate my skin at all, in fact I think it was quite soothing – probably down to the oats, which are often used in products aimed at eczema sufferers. Perhaps this cancels out the irritating lavender I mentioned earlier, which is probably in a low concentration and there purely to provide a little scent? 

My main concern is that I think it gave me spots. I don’t often get spots, but after using this over a weekend, I started breaking out a little on my cheeks. I may be wrong, but I stopped using it, so I’m not entirely sure. I’ve decided to give it another go anyway, because I love the concept of the brand, and the tins are just too pretty (I got the Marrakech one). 

I’m not sure how right I am about this, but I’ve heard it’s made by the same people who make LUSH products. It certainly smells and feels like a LUSH moisturiser, and shares the same ethos, but I think it performed a little better than LUSH’s (that’s if it wasn’t what broke me out).

I may update this review in a few weeks when I’ve tried it again.

Consistency: Weird. Silky, but oily and watery at the same time, which sounds very confusing and is.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 3.5/5. Didn’t irritate my skin, but watch out for that lavender and potential breakouts.

Price: £12.95, which I think is okay as you get 75ml, which is quite a decent amount. It’s available online, in John Lewis and some Tesco and Urban Outfitters stores.

Overall Rating: 6/10. While I love the concept, and want to like this so hard, I’m concerned that it gave me spots. I’ll update in a few weeks once I’d tried it again.

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