Some Quick and Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

After a browse through my phone, I’ve discovered a few snaps of costume makeup I’ve done in the past. Two of them are simple enough to do with whatever makeup you have lying around, one not so much.

Black Swan

This is ridiculously easy to do. Just apply some white face paint to your face, perhaps mixed with a little foundation so it doesn’t look so harsh, mix some black and white to create grey for the contouring, and then use an eyeliner for the eyes. Add some silver or glittery pale blue in the in-betweeny bits of the eye makeup for a bit of sparkle. I found the easiest way to do this was to draw the outline, following the shape of the eye over the eyebrow, then to kind of spider-web the inside. I also used red lipstick, then added some black eyeshadow to create a gradient  for the lips. There was no real technique and it still looked okay. Red contacts optional.


This was also really simple. I used a cheap face paint kit with black, brown and white, then mixed the colours for some more shades. The mouth was quite hard to get right, but as long as you layer loads of white facepaint, the teeth look vibrant. You could easily use eyeshadow and eyeliner to create this. Again, there was no real method to the makeup – just random, light-handed strokes to create the fur.

American Horror Story – Moira the Maid

This was easy and quick enough to do, you just need liquid latex for the texture. I first covered drew a line around my eye area with the latex, then added some toilet paper for texture, and added a cotton pad over the eye. I painted the cotton pad black, then added red for blood, and foundation to blend it all. This could easily be done with black and red facepaint, you don’t necesarily need the textured effect. Just add a maid costume and you’re good to go!


I accidentally deleted this picture, but if you cover the top half of your face with light brown face paint or bronzer, then paint around the eye area white, add a nose and some white dots on your cheeks, you’ve got a deer! Easy, and you don’t really need face paint – you could use white eyeshadow. 


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