5 Autumn/Winter Fragrances

I have a bit of a penchant for buying too much perfume. It’s getting to be quite a problem, really. I won’t spend excessively on that dress I’ve been eying up, but I’ll smell something a little bit beautiful and go “I must have it now!“, my reasoning behind actually buying it being that “it’s an investment – it’ll last me a long time and I’ll smell like a fucking meadow – who can put a price on smelling like a meadow?“. BOOM. £70 pissed away on some funky smelling liquid. 

Nevertheless, here’s 5 of my favourite Autumn/Winter scents, some I’ve bought recently, some are quite old, but all of them are delightful to wear on an evening spent curled up by the fire (or partying the night away).

Lancome La Vie Est Belle EDP – from £44

I bought this in summer, but haven’t worn it much because I definitely feel it’s more of an A/W scent. Deep, sweet and gourmand, it reminds me a lot of Thierry Mugler’s Angel, which my mum used to wear. Definitely a night time scent – but let’s face it, Winter is basically perpetual darkness anyway, so I could comfortably wear it to the office. The bottle oozes understated sophistication, and the scent has notes of blackcurrent, jasmine and vanilla.

Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao Eau du Cologne from £40

This is a beautiful, warm, chocolatey perfume, perfect for day or night. It’s not too sickly sweet and gourmand, so it’s a little less cloying than some perfumes with accents of chocolate or vanilla. It manages to stay quite fresh, probably because of the lime and agava flower notes. This is my current favourite.

Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir EDT from £35

Definitely a night time scent, I can imagine wearing this at a festive cocktail party, and the bottle is ridiculously pretty while remaining elegant and classy. The La Petit Robe Noir collection packs such a olfactory punch, I went for the eau de toilette as the eau de parfum was a little overwhelming. Cherry, apple and musk feature in this sweet and delicately sexy scent.

Valentina by Valentino EDP from £41.50

This is such a feminine, sophisticated perfume, featuring bergamot, orange blossom and wild strawberry, with amber base notes. Perfect for day or night, this was my go-to scent last winter. It’s delicate and powdery, and there’s something about this perfume that makes you feel like a real lady.

Vera Wang Princess EDT from £40

I have a real soft spot for this perfume. I got it for Christmas 2 years ago, and I still adore it. Vanilla, apples and water lily make this sweet and girly, but not in a sickening way; this is definitely one for the younger lady, but it smells so comforting, I still have a little spritz now and again. Perfect for an evening out with the girls, and the heat-shaped bottle is ridiculously cute too – great for travelling.

What’s your favourite festive fragrance?

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