Dinosaur of the Month | The Coelophysis

jodie / 10th October 2014

I began this blog with the intention of writing about 2 things that interest me: beauty and dinosaurs. “Er, what now?” I hear you mumble, brow raised and skeptical eye looking me up and down like I’ve just thrown up in my hands and clapped. “Beauty and dinosaurs” you continue, a droplet of tea meandering down your chin, “but why? What could they possibly have in common? They’re not even slightly related“. Well, good sir or madam, you are correct. They are two totally different areas of interest. Well done, have a biscuit.

I must be honest though: if I even had a fuck to give, I probably wouldn’t. This is my blog, and I’ll write about whatever I damn well fancy, thank you very much. 

So if you’re here for tales of beauty and skincare, you’re more than welcome. Take a seat. Help yourself to a slice of cake. You just might have to put up with the occasional post about the a lambeosaurus, or a detailed review of the oviraptor, because they’re fucking awesome (the oviraptor slightly more so than the lambeosaurus – sorry lambeosaurus, you’re actually only okay).

So here’s the first instalment of my dinosaur-related posts, and as my first, it’s only befitting that I write about my favourite of all the dinosaurs: The Coelophysis.

What’s a Coelophysis?

EXCELLENT QUESTION. The coelophysis was a tiny little theropod, with sharp teeth and a itty-bitty arms. I say tiny, it was actually bigger than a human man at 10ft long and 3ft high, but compared to the t-rex or the monstrously sized sauropods (diplodocus et al, of a different time period, might I add), it was positively mini. 

Here are some fun facts about the coelophysis:

  1. Its name means “hollow form”. That’s because of its hollow bones, which allowed this little dino to be light, nimble, and incredibly agile while hunting pray and figure skating (probably). 
  2. It had gigantic eyes. For its size, anyway. This meant it could stalk prey easier, and could process visual information faster, and it also had a bigger brain for doing sudoku puzzles, of which it was a big fan (probably). All the better to see you with.
  3. They travelled in packs. We think this because large amounts of bones were found in the same place. These cliques were formed for protection and hunting purposes, and you’d be thrown out for trying to make “fetch” happen (probably).
  4. Its remains have mostly been found in New Mexico and Arizona
  5. It lived during the Triassic period, so it was BFF’s with the T. Rex (just kidding, Timmy Rex wouldn’t be caught dead hanging with this guy).

Stealth: 8/10. They’re pretty small and sneaky, but they travel in packs, so points lost there.

Damage: 7/10. Again, they’re small, but they travel in packs. Strength in numbers, and all that.

Speed: 9/10. Small and streamlined, these little bastards are pretty damn speedy.

Size: 5/10. Yeah, they’re pretty dinky, but I like that. 

Overall Rating: 10/10. Fucking love you, coelophysis. Don’t ever leave me.