Clinique High Impact Mascara | Review

jodie / 29th September 2014

I got this as part of a free gift set when I bought 2 other Clinique products (anyone else absolutely love these free gifts? Go to Debenhams, John Lewis, or Boots and you’re guaranteed to find a great free gift offer) and I absolutely love it! I’ve never been big on mascara; I always used to just buy those Maybelline ones in a yellow tube (colossal something?) and I thought they were doing a great job, despite me ending up with dark smudges in the corners of my eyes after a long day at uni – I thought: that’s what happens with mascara; if you want it to stay put you need to get a waterproof one, right? Wrong. Turns out I just settled for a mascara with a shitty formula that just didn’t work for me.

After dabbling with a few different brands and formulas, I discovered this gem after buying two Clinique products and getting it as part of a free gift. It really is amazing – I find I can get a good 6 hours wear out of it, longer if I don’t rub my eyes. Better yet, if I do happen to rub my eyes or sweat a lot (eww, gross!), this somehow never seems to smudge or leave black residue around my eyes. Even if it does wear off a little during the day and becomes less visible, I don’t end up with panda ayes. Amazing!

The formula is not too wet, not too dry, and never clumps. It also gives good length and volume, without looking too dramatic. For this reason, I think it’s best as an everyday mascara for work, university, going about your daily business etc. because it’s so natural-looking. You’re not going to get the false-lash-effect with this mascara, and I’m totally cool with that, because that’s not what I want in day-to-day life. I’d rather have another mascara for that look. Another positive is that it doesn’t sting my eyes, like some mascaras can (Max Factor and L’Oreal’s formulas are often guilty of this). 

Consistency: Not too wet or too dry. Not clumpy or smudgy.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 5/5

Lasting Power: 6 hours-ish.

Price: £17.50 from Boots.

Overall Rating: 8/10. For the price, it could be improved by being more buildable to a dramatic, false lash effect.