Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation | Review

jodie / 28th August 2014

After leaving University and securing myself a job, I thought I deserved a splurge on some nice, high-end foundation. I didn’t jump in head first; no, no, I was careful. I tried about 4 or 5 different brands before settling on this one. The One. Or so I thought at the time…

I first tried it as a sample from the Guerlain counter when I bought my La Petit Robe Noire EDT, and I fell in love instantly. Granted, the sachet I had was a shade too dark, but I still loved the way it looked and felt. “If it looks this good when it’s too dark, imagine how great it’ll look when I’m properly matched?” I mused to myself, before skipping off to Cardiff and buying the lightest shade they had (which was a shade lighter than the sample I’d been using). Oh, how I wish I’d got another sample first…

See, the biggest problem with this foundation is the limited collection of shades. There’s supposed to be around 9, which isn’t a great spectrum, but I’m sure that House of Fraser only stocked, like, 4. This is the lightest one, and it’s still too dark. Not only that, but it oxidises into the pinkest tone you ever did see. It looks absolutely beautiful and practically undetectable on the skin when freshly applied, but give it an hour tops and it’ll go a shade darker and change tone completely. Which is unfortunate ’cause when it first touches my skin, it makes it look perfect, like I’m not wearing makeup. 

It also has an SPF of 20, which may be a positive for some of you, but I prefer to get my sunscreen from my skincare, so I’m not a fan.

I’m incredibly saddened by this as it cost so much, as I might be happy to pay the price if I could find a shade that suits me. At least I managed to get some use out of it over summer, while I was a little tanned, however Autumn is now creeping around the corner, and my skin is getting paler by the minute. 

My other issue is the fragrance: It’s got a huge amount of perfume in it, which stings a little and lingers all day. Honestly, why put fragrance in a foundation? What purpose does it serve, other than to irritate the skin? It’s so silly, and pretty outdated. And the smell isn’t even nice – very powdery, definitely for the more mature lady.

Sadly, I won’t be repurchasing this one. I’m currently mixing it with my very yellow toned, and slightly-too-pale-at-the-moment NARS Sheer Glow to neutralize the pink tones a little, so I don’t end up wasting such an expensive product. 

Colour: 02/Beige Clair. Very limited range of shades, which is thoroughly disappointing.

Staying Power: Impressive. It lasts all day, covers my redness, doesn’t transfer too badly. Lasted 8 hours on me.

Consistency: Pretty thick liquid. Quite a weird one as it dries quite powdery under the eyes, but makes the rest of my skin look really dewy during the day.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 2.5/5. The scent is quite irritating at first, but not so much so that I have to remove it or can’t use it. Still, be wary; try a sample first.

Price: It actually pains me to type this. £37.50 *purse shrivels up and dies*.

Overall Rating: 6/10. It’s not a bad foundation, so please don’t think that. It’s actually a very good, natural looking foundation with great staying power; I just couldn’t find a suitable shade, it irritated me a little, and I think it’s overpriced. Still worth a try though, if it’s within your budget, and you can get a good shade match.