Benefit “They’re Real!” Push Up Liner | Review

jodie / 21st August 2014

Apologies for the crap image: I actually gave this eyeliner away because I didn’t like it, so it wasn’t available for a photo shoot, unfortunately. 

Actually, “Didn’t like it” is not quite a strong enough expression – I hate this. Hate it. It’s awful, and made me want to throw it out the window in a fit of rage. 

I’ve calmed down now, so here’s why it was so crap:

The twist-up packaging design is flawed. I either had a dud product, or Benefit have just cocked up the mechanics, ’cause I had to twist and twist and twist to get something to come out, then when it eventually worked, it shat eyeliner all over the place. I then had to rub it on the back of my hand and dip the stupid rubber slanty nib in it, then apply it. It was time consuming and gross. Great news though, the longevity is good, ’cause it left smudges of eyeliner on my hand all fucking day…

…which wouldn’t have been so bad if the same happened with my eyes. NOPE. I found this smudged, flaked and basically just fell off during the day. Brilliant

It’s just not worth the effort or the price. I’d rather use a crayon than this abomination. I don’t use eyeliner that often, so I would say I’m not the best judge of this, but the friend I gave it to (who’s an eyeliner fiend) also thought this was rubbish. So there you have it. 

Am I using it wrong, or did anyone else have a cataclysmically shit experience with this product too?

Consistency: waxy, shitty, flaky, awful.

Sensitive skin suitability: 5/5, didn’t irritate me, which is probably the only thing going for it.

Price: £18.50. And your soul.

Overall Rating: 1/10. It could be worse; it could have kicked a puppy or something.