Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream | Review

jodie / 18th August 2014
Sad skin, sad face :(
Sad skin, sad face 🙁

Oh, how I wanted to like this moisturiser. I love the ethos of the brand – the naturalness etc., – and I was looking for a new moisturiser (I still am), but this upset my skin a treat.

It smells very natural and herbal, has a lovely thick consistency, and it’s quite a mattifying formulation, so I imagine it would go well underneath makeup, but it did nothing for my sensitivity. It didn’t sting massively, but after about 5 minutes it started to burn a little, then when I looked in the mirror I found my skin had turned blotchy and red! Not good.

I imagine this will be lovely for those with normal/combination skin, but if yours is anything like mine, then I’d approach with caution. I’m lucky I got this as a free sample and didn’t splurge the £24 odd for the full-size. I understand it comes in a pump style bottle, which is always good, and as mentioned earlier, it’s filled with lovely natural ingredients (it’s 99% natural I think). Definitely look into it if your skin is normal, or test it before buying if you’re sensitive like me.

Consistency: Quite thick as it’s for dry/sensitive skin, but it’s actually quite mattifying and not at all greasy.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 2/5. It wasn’t awful, but it burned a little and made my skin red.

Price: £24 for 50ml

Overall Rating: 5/10. Loved the way it felt on my skin – apart from the burning of course – just a shame I can’t use it. I can tell it’s a good product, and probably great for those with less sensitive skin. Maybe I’m just allergic the one of the many natural ingredients?