Hi again!

Okay, so I’ve been pretty neglectful of this blog, and I’d like to explain why: I started writing in the middle of my second year at university, so I had a bit of spare time to write about the things I love on this blog, but a few months later, exams struck. Obviously, I wanted to do well, so I focused on them and let my little beauty blog collect dust. Unfortunately, this hiatus continued into my 3rd year (which, of course, is the most scary and important year!), so I put all my energy into my studies. 

Fast forward to now – I have graduated and found my such a cushy marketing job in Swansea, so I have decided to take up writing again in my spare time, now that I don’t have to use it for revision and essay writing. 

So that’s it; I’m back for the foreseeable future to write all about my beauty (and possibly other?) purchases! I know I don’t have a massive reader base, but I do hope my reviews have been helpful, especially to those who suffer from the same skin issues as I do. So to those of you who do read my stuff, thanks! 🙂