Moa The Green Balm

jodie / 11th March 2013

I’ve struggled to find many reviews on this product, so I thought I’d write one myself. On the


it claims to have many uses, ranging from healing a sore throat and soothing eczema, to hair-repair and eyelash growth. It’s completely natural and smells so – very herbal, sort of like eucalyptus.

It comes in a tiny white tub (which I must admit, is very cute) and the constancy is quite strange at first – like grainy Vasaline. But these little grains/lumps soon melt once they come into contact with your skin. It’s not overly greasy and sinks in much quicker than other balms/oils I’ve used – I like it as a lip salve and apply it around my eyes at night for my dry skin. I’ve also started putting it on my eyelashes and I swear it’s making them grow a little every day (but that might be wishful thinking!).

Overall it’s quite a useful little multi-functional product. Not sure if I’d buy it again though as I’ve already got some nice lip balms, and I have other means of keeping my dry eyes under control.

Consistency: Like grainy Vasaline

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 5/5

Price: £8 for 41g

Overall Rating: 7/10