Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter | Review

jodie / 5th February 2013

I bought this after reading an article about how busy mums discovered this product’s

“magical” abilities

after trying it on their faces. There had been reports of “anti-aging”, so I thought I’d give it a try as it was inexpensive and relatively easy to find.

First off, it smells gorgeous. Like very mild vanilla – not the fake, sugary kind, but real vanilla. Absolutely heavenly. Its consistency is similar to petroleum jelly, albeit not as greasy, heavy or cloying. It tends to sit on the skin for a while, so I’d be careful using this on the face as a moisturiser. I use it at night and around my eyes and nose (which get very dry and sensitive) before applying my makeup*.

It works wonders as a night cream if your skin is particularly dry, and it hasn’t upset my easily irritated skin. It contains about 4 ingredients (mainly olive oil, chamomile and vanilla) and no fragrance, parabens or artificial ingredients. Another plus is that it comes in a generous tub, and as you only need a small amount, it should last a long time.

All-in-all, a delightful multi-functional product.

Consistency: Not unlike Vasaline, but a bit thicker

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 5/5

Price: I think I paid around £3.50 for it. Bargain!

Overall Rating: 10/10

(* – for use under makeup, I recommend using only a minuscule amount. It will give you a lovely, dewy look, but don’t overdo it as your makeup could slither off your face!)