Clinique Even Better Makeup

I used to wear the old version of Rimmel’s “25 hour Foundation”, but the new one just doesn’t cut it – it makes my skin feel clogged and goes all powdery after a few hours. I’ve found it really difficult to find a decent foundation after getting eczema around my eyes – it’s now under control, but I still have to be careful to prevent it from coming back, so I went to a few makeup stands in Debenhams and Boots to see what was around. I ended up at Clinique, where a lovely saleslady gave me a little jar sample of “Even Better Makeup”…

I loved it when I got home and tried it, however I’m pretty lucky that the shade was a close match, as the colour selection is limited. It didn’t sting my skin or clog my pores, and it has an SPF of 15 (yay!).

The consistency is lovely and silky – very nice to apply, and a little goes quite a long way. It has decent coverage (medium to full) without looking fake and plastic-y. I usually just wear one layer plus a few extra touches on any blemishes and I’m good to go. It keeps my skin hydrated, but it has poor staying power: after 4 hours of lectures, it started to look patchy, ashy and gross. The other downsides are the price and the limited choice of colours. It might fare better on those with dryer skin, or with a primer.

All-in-all, a decent foundation, better than most drugstore buys, and doesn’t harm my skin, but not as good as other high-end ones.

Consistency: Very nice and silky, liquid

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 5/5

Staying power: 5 hours max

Price: £24.50 for 30ml

Overall Rating: 6/10

Lush “Porridge” Soap

I really wanted to like this soap, but it seriously dried out my skin. I avoided using the bar directly on my body ‘cause I knew the scrubby oats would irritate me; however because it’s marketed as a soap for easily irritated skin, I decided on a whim to try it.

It smells okay – not


pleasant, but not of anything nice in particular. It tends to melt quite easily if you leave it in your bathroom, so I would recommend keeping it in a little Tupperware box. Once the initial layer of soap disappears, it reveals some knobbly little oat particles (you can see these in the picture) which I imagine would be amazing to scrub down with for those of you with more resilient skin. Saldly, I’m not one of you. I swear I’m part reptile ‘cause my skin goes really disgusting and scaly sometimes. (I know, hot, right?) 

So yeah, this one wasn’t for me. I’ve actually thrown it away now, so it currently lives in my bin.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 1/5

Price: I paid like £4 for quite a big chunk (maybe 250g?)

Overall Rating: 4/10

Philosophy “Hope in a Jar” Moisturiser

This really didn’t do it for me at all. I got a sample size of this product (15mls), and never in a million years would I consider purchasing the large version – which is way overpriced at around £30. I’ve had better results from Lush moisturisers, and even Aveeno (which is a fraction of the price).

I felt it didn’t really hydrate me – it went on thick, but as I spread it, it felt watery and like it wasn’t actually doing anything to my skin. It also smelt funny (kind of chemical-y) and stung around the eyes. I would maybe use it as a makeup base before a night out in the summer, when I don’t want a heavy moisturiser; or maybe keep it in my bag to moisturise my dry nose, but I could never justify spending over £30 on the full size moisturiser.

It’s a shame I’ve had such bad results from Philosophy’s skincare products. I really wanted to like the company as it seemed promising (probably due to the high prices of its products); but I’ve only been let down so far by the items I’ve bought. The only product I have genuinely liked was a serum I got as a free sample in a little pot, but I can’t remember which one it was (When Hope Is Not Enough, perhaps). Sigh.

Consistency: Gross. Thick, then watery, stingy, confusing nastiness in a jar.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 1.5/5

Price: £34 for 60ml

Overall Rating: 3/10

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter | Review

I bought this after reading an article about how busy mums discovered this product’s

“magical” abilities

after trying it on their faces. There had been reports of “anti-aging”, so I thought I’d give it a try as it was inexpensive and relatively easy to find.

First off, it smells gorgeous. Like very mild vanilla – not the fake, sugary kind, but real vanilla. Absolutely heavenly. Its consistency is similar to petroleum jelly, albeit not as greasy, heavy or cloying. It tends to sit on the skin for a while, so I’d be careful using this on the face as a moisturiser. I use it at night and around my eyes and nose (which get very dry and sensitive) before applying my makeup*.

It works wonders as a night cream if your skin is particularly dry, and it hasn’t upset my easily irritated skin. It contains about 4 ingredients (mainly olive oil, chamomile and vanilla) and no fragrance, parabens or artificial ingredients. Another plus is that it comes in a generous tub, and as you only need a small amount, it should last a long time.

All-in-all, a delightful multi-functional product.

Consistency: Not unlike Vasaline, but a bit thicker

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 5/5

Price: I think I paid around £3.50 for it. Bargain!

Overall Rating: 10/10

(* – for use under makeup, I recommend using only a minuscule amount. It will give you a lovely, dewy look, but don’t overdo it as your makeup could slither off your face!)

Lush “Angels on Bare Skin” Cleanser

This is a lovely cleanser, made from natural ingredients
(and it’s Lush, so you know it’s not tested on animals). The consistency, at
first, was a little alien to me – fresh and crumbly, not gloopy and runny like most
scrubs or foaming cleansers. I put this down to the fact that it’s all natural
and has no preservatives (which also explains the 3 month shelf life).  The smell is also strange at first – but definitely
something you can grow to love (think earthy/lavendery).

I bought this when my skin was very sore and upset, with angry spots on my cheeks and some nasty dry patches. After a few days of using it morning and night (along with Ultrabland to remove my makeup) my skin calmed down and I fell in love. I now use it every morning and I’m surprised at how gentle and effective it is. Until I discovered this little gem, I was struggling to find a balanced cleanser which gave a good, thorough clean without hurting my skin. I find my skin looks especially soothed and radiant after using this.

The only downsides to this are the packaging (typical Lush pot) which often allows water to leak in and dilute the product – most people find this very off-putting, and while I can see that it is a flaw, I actually rather like it as it loosens up the product and makes it easier to use. And also the shelf life (around 3 months). I do find it hard to use up the entire tub in this amount of time, even using it morning and night.

I also found I had a few blackheads/whiteheads around my chin while using this, so maybe it wasn’t giving me the clean I thought it was? 

Consistency: Grainy and unusual. Lovely for exfoliation.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 4.5/5

Price: £6.40 for a tub (100g)

Rating: 6.5/10. Not sure about cleaning abilities, poor packaging and short shelf-life.