Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care Moisturiser | Review

jodie / 8th January 2013

I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect moisturiser. My ideal day moisturiser would be suitable for sensitive skin, non-comodogenic (that goes without saying), SPF at least 15, and completely colour and fragrance free. I bought this on a whim on a visit to Boots when I had a little more cash than sense to hand;

it cost me about

£12 for 50ml

, which is slightly more than I would like to pay for a staple product, but I’d have been willing to fork out on this every few months if it had been perfect.

It does not contain any SPF. It is highly fragranced. It has a gel-like consistency (a nightmare for my dry/sensitive skin). Not exactly Holy Grail material. After the first few tries I rather liked it: it made my skin feel very smooth, and I liked the idea of it getting rid of blemishes. However, after using it morning and night for 3 days, it started to really irritate my poor skin.

I think it would be perfect for those with oiler, blemish prone skin; but this one’s not for me. On the plus side, the pump bottle is very attractive, and it smells nice!

Consistency: It’s a gel moisturiser, so uh…gel-y.

Sensitive Skin Suitability: 2/5

Price: Around £12 for 50ml

Overall Rating: 5/10