TiGi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Level 2 Recovery Shampoo

jodie / 8th January 2013

This is officially my Holy
Grail shampoo and conditioner set. Before I tried this, I had just dyed my hair
blonde. Now, my natural hair colour is golden brown, so it looked simply
hideous with a box-dye blonde over it. I proceeded to dye it again, with a
colour close to my natural tone (what an absolute farce that was); and alas, my
hair was ruined! I decided to go for the chop and start all over again, but my
hair usually gets damaged when it reaches a certain length anyway, but I

I decided to invest in a
salon quality shampoo (Tigi Bed Head – Urban Antidotes 2) so that my hair would
grow out and hopefully remain undamaged. I blow dry my hair most days, so
anything past shoulder length minus split-ends would have been great. It’s been
4 months since I bought it and I’m still on my first bottle; my hair is way
beyond my shoulders and for once in my life, I haven’t got a single split end! The
consistency is lovely and it cleans well, however I do shampoo twice (I do this
with all shampoos so it’s not an issue). The scent is lovely – citrussy and
sweet. It leaves my hair silky, manageable, soft, and doesn’t weigh it down. I
love it!


: Foams into a luxurious lather. A beautiful, pearly blue colour when it comes out of the bottle.

Sensitive Skin Suitability

: Doesn’t sting my scalp, 5/5

Price Range

: £6 and up, depending on where you buy it (

I get it online

); the conditioner is usually about £1 more expensive

Overall Rating

: 9/10